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Can we break through…

Posted by on April 18, 2017

Missions in Germany and in Europe is different than other places in the world. The fruit of ministry work does not come quickly and is not always apparent. While we do host gatherings for worship and Bible Study in our home, most of our ministry with nonbelievers takes place 1-on-1 over a good cup of coffee. Forming deep relationships in Germany is critical to building trust. Forming this kind of relationship takes serious time and work. We have been walking with our neighbor R since almost day one in Germany. Only now, nearly two years later, he has begun asking questions about faith. We hosted him for Easter dinner and he opened up to us and asked us many questions. Why do you believe in God? Am I a good person? Can God actually forgive “x…y…z” sins? Why did God take away my wife?

We could answer some of his questions but many we could not. In many ways while we were having this conservation, we felt like the flowers in this picture. Until now, the thick, strong branches in R’s heart were only allowing us to go so deep with him and we could not go any further. R is curious about Christianity with many thoughts and questions but his previous experiences with the church and his culture were preventing him from seeing the truth. But progress is happening, very slowly, but surely.

We are glad that R comes to us often and wants to talk, spend time together and feels comfortable asking us about things he doesn’t really understand. Please continue to pray for R, for our relationship with him and for his relationship with God. We can see that God has placed us here, for this time, and we pray we will be a faithful witness to the Gospel of hope and life.

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