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Unbeatable “spirit”…

Posted by on February 10, 2017


The other day in German class, we had to choose a picture and talk about it with a partner. On the table were several pictures and one of them was a picture of a church in Hamburg that we love to visit. The church was in the background and a crosswalk sign was in the foreground. This caught my attention. It was the perfect excuse to talk about the church with my partner.

My partner was from Iran and he had a picture of a person surfing. He said he chose that picture because of the unbeatable, invincible spirit of the surfer. I couldn’t help but think about the many friends we have made in Germany from Iran, Iraq, Syria and other middle eastern countries. They have this same unbeatable, invincible spirit inside them, and that spirit has kept them alive on their journeys and propelled them to thrive in their new lives here.

Many refugees left to search for a better life. Many left because they had no other choice they were not safe at home. Some left because they were not sure what to do and some because they were Christians. When they set out for Germany, they had to decide they were going to be unbeatable and invincible. We know many middle easterners who have kept this spirit alive and some who have even accepted Christ into their lives. They are helping to spread the Gospel message with their experiences and with the unbeatable, invincible Holy Spirit. We can learn much from the journeys of those around us.

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