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Many shoes…

Posted by on November 24, 2016


We feel so blessed by God to have been able to take this picture. As you can see there are many shoes on the mat near our front door. We took this picture during one of our small group Bible Study meetings. We started meeting in January with just a few people. Since then, we have had many people come for one or two meetings and a “core group” who have become permanent fixtures.

In preparation for the first meeting, we chose an exciting and interactive curriculum for the adults. We were not initially planning to teach the children. We simply wanted to provide childcare so the parents could engage in the study without distraction. We knew we would have at least two kids present (our own) but had no idea we would have around 8-10 children coming regularly…in Germany…! As the weeks went on, it became evident that we were missing the chance to disciple this group of children.

So we asked our teammates to plan simple weekly lessons and activities for the children. What a wonderful blessing this has been. We are teaching stories about the Bible and introducing stories (like Adam and Eve) most of the ¬†children have never heard before. At first, the children’s lack of Biblical knowledge surprised us; that is, until we remembered the context in which we serve. Most parents in Germany are not reading their Bibles at home and are certainly not reading them to their children. Virtually NONE of our children’s school friends attend a church.

Whether we are involved in the work of discipling children, parents, singles, or anyone else, our work is meaningful and brings us great joy. To plant seeds, water the soil, and see what God will grow through the warmth and care of His Holy Spirit brings us great joy.

Please continue to pray for the Bible Study, for our friends who attend regularly, for those who come every now and again and for all the children who visit. That each person would be filled with an increasing knowledge of the love of Jesus Christ in their everyday lives.

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