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Decisions we make…

Posted by on May 31, 2016


The other day we ventured outside for the first time as a family of 5! We walked to the “Kabel Deutschland” store 10 minutes down the road because the internet and phones were not working. As we approached the entrance to the store, we read the sign that the store was closed for the day (no reason given) and would reopen on Monday. We decided to make the best of it and walked a bit further to our favorite bakery down the road. We knew that would be open.

After we ordered and received our baked items, we went outside to enjoy them and realized our newborn daughter is a magnet for Omas (grandmothers) in Germany just like she would be in the States! Three women approached us and began oohing and awing over baby Madeleine. One of them commented about how her generation only felt like they could have one child since they were the post WWII generation. Now that she looks back on that decision, she regrets only having one child. She even went as far to say this decision was a mistake for her generation. She didn’t speak much more about it but the sadness in her eyes told it’s own story.

This short conversation about a topic so near and dear to people’s hearts made us think about the choices we have now and the consequences of those choices (either now or years later). Of course, when we’re in the “trenches” of rearing 3 small children and living cross-culturally, we don’t always see the longer-term perspective: i.e., the gift these experiences already are to all 5 of us, the way God is using us here to bless and encourage his church, and the way he continues to invite us to partner with him in reaching the lost. But this woman’s words were a tangible reminder that life passes so quickly, and these moments and experiences (and even the sleepless nights) are precious gifts from above. So many people wait years to experience these sleepless nights and are never afforded the chance. Some gifts look different and less recognizable than others. Some gifts are difficult to open. Some change us forever. But they are all gifts from the generous Father, and he gives to each as His heart is pleased to do. These gifts change us from the inside out and make us more useful vessels for service.

We invite you to consider the following: what decisions are you considering today that might further the harvest of the kingdom in your own heart or in the hearts of others? Whether you are thinking about having another child, making a big career move, investing in risky high yield stocks or simply just going deeper with a colleague about spiritual matters… how might these choices impact the greater kingdom? No matter what path we take, we pray, trusting that He will give us insight and lasting peace.

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