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A surprising sight…

Posted by on April 19, 2016


Isn’t it interesting how the misplaced, odd, unusual things, are often the things that catch our eye? The other day we visited a world famous department store with the girls. The store is known for offering unique items from all over the world and people don’t mind paying for it. On the top floor of the store is a restaurant with sweet and savory gourmet offerings prepared by a professional chef. Our intention was just to explore and taste some of the food we don’t always have available in Pinneberg.

We let the girls pick some nice chocolates and the cashier gave them each their own special bag to carry home. As we rode down the elevator and left the store, a few people commented and smiled (which is a big thing in Germany) about how cute the girls were with their little bags. Typically, this store is designed with adults in mind, so it was an unusual sight and people took notice.

What a beautiful example of our identity as Christians and people of the Kingdom. We find joy in the little things…in life’s small moments we experience the joy God has for us. If little bags held by sweet girls can bring joy, what in your day can bring God’s joy to the people around you? The size of the moment is not important but rather the fact that our lives and daily experiences give joy to the people around us. Continue to keep your eyes and mind open to be willing to consider that everyday moments are in fact, holy moments. Knowing that we all are given the privilege of sharing God’s love with the world.

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