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Sometimes, God is crazy

Posted by on February 1, 2015


This last week, Stephanie and I were taking a trip to Denver for The Evangelical Covenant MidWinter gathering. We left our girls with our dear friend, Stacy Ashworth, and headed to O’Hare for a morning flight.  The ticketing line was busy for a Sunday morning. People were everywhere.  We were surrounded by the usual buzz of different languages, overhead announcements and children laughing. But then…we heard a familiar voice.  “Hey Voland’s! What are you doing here?”  Instantly we wonder, who can it be?  We turn around and discover our friends and fellow missionaries, Sarah and Jason Quick! They also have 2 young children but have left their kids behind for the week so they can attend a conference in Denver. We are flying to the same city! On the same airplane…”Wow,” we think! How cool is that? And we are all without our kids!

We say hello and give hugs, still in awe of the fact that we will all be boarding the SAME PLANE, in this busy, crowded, airport.  We are stunned.  We talk and catch up about each others’ lives and then drop off our bags and walk toward security.   With more conversation …. we discover we will also sit in THE SAME ROW!!!  30 minutes prior, neither couple knew the other was going on a trip to Denver and now we realize what a special gift from God this flight will be. You see, Sarah and Jason are also in the process of raising support to serve again in the Philippines. This has been a long road for both couples as the task of support raising is challenging emotionally, physically and spiritually. But we are watching as God provides everything we need. And I believe God delighted in surprising each of us with the experience of traveling together to bring joy and encouragement to our hearts.

God gave both couples such an amazing surprise and gift.  We are so grateful for our friends the Quick’s and this blessing of surprise. Here is a link to their blog if you want to learn more about their ministry to third-culture kids in the Philippines.

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