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What will our street look like

Posted by on September 30, 2014

I wonder how our street will look in Pinneburg….?

As we journey through this incredible experience of support raising, we are dreaming about our future life in Germany. Both of us are homebodies; we like to settle into a space and call it our own. We have thought about the different options for rental homes in Germany. We have been advised to look for a place in Schnelson. Schnelson is located on the border of Hamburg and will give us quick access to Pinneburg and Hamburg. We briefly visited this town during our trip to Germany in April and loved it.

Will our street be lined with colorful trees in the fall? Will our neighbors be friendly? Will we have a driveway or need to park on the street? Will we have a car at all? One of our German colleagues, Eberhard, sent us a picture of his street. He sent it to help us picture how our life in Germany might “look.” I wonder how our home will compare to our cozy and comfortable Chicago home?

What does the street you live on look like? What makes a house feel like “home” to you? Here are some pictures to get you started. The first is the street in Hamburg and the second is our street in Chicago.














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