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Unforgettable Dinner Party

Posted by on August 6, 2014

Have you ever hosted someone you really respect for dinner?  Recently, we had the privilege to welcome our missions supervisors – from Chicago and Germany –into our home to meet one another…

Picture this along with us: dinner is cooking, table is set, candles are lit, house is picked up (a true miracle with 2 small children), and there is a knock at the door…your heart races, just for a second.  It’s your esteemed guests. Time stops.  Sweaty palms give way to warm hugs and instantly we are reminded of wonderful moments spent with each person. God’s true message of love and grace is alive in the hearts of these men and women and we realize how honored we are to have them sitting around our table.

The experience was surreal in many ways; two worlds colliding in the space we call home.  Despite cultural and generational differences, conversation flows easily. We realize the power of Christ, once again, to break down walls and inspire us to life-giving conversation. We connect over shared missions experiences, laugh together, tell our stories, and then finally, pray together.

These five people were some of the most humble and gracious guests we have ever served.  They have all given us the gift of mentorship and presence and this gift has influenced us and affirmed our path to mission. And in the midst of hosting and preparing, we once again encounter the Christ who is Host and Provider of our every need.

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