We are Max and Colleen Nahnychuk from British Columbia, Canada. We lived in the Kootenay region of BC for 17 years after moving from our hometown of North Vancouver BC. We both grew up in a non-Christian environment. Jesus came into our life about four years after we met and we’ve grown together ever since. As a couple this is proven to unify us in the deepest way. We had a do it yourself attitude towards our faith. Our first few years as Christians were not very fruitful. Having grown up without church traditions we didn’t understand the importance of corporate worship. It wasn’t until after we moved to the Kootenay’s that we met a church family we felt we belonged. We were happy to join with the Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada; we continue to be impressed by the affirmations and missional focus. We participated in planting a new church and have been involved in various degrees of church leadership over the past ten years. Now that we have some history in the church we are able to see how God was really working in our lives. In 2009 we found ourselves torn between two compelling but different ideas; build a house and put down roots or to take our motorcycles and travel to Argentina. We had difficulty reconciling the desire to travel while so many people globally live in scarcity, thus we built our home, finally putting down roots. The process of homebuilding was fantastic but it came at a greater cost then we could have possibly imagined. God used the experience to humble, reshape and redirect us. We were left weighing the cost of a mortgage against global disparity. We have not had children and wondered why we were nesting? Now eight years later we can reflect and see the path that God set before us and his plan for our lives. From our life without kids to choosing the task of building a house over a motorcycle adventure it became very clear to us. We realized it was not our desire to travel but God’s plan for us to enter the mission field.


In February 2016 we were part of a short-term mission team that went to Cayambe, Ecuador. This trip confirmed His purpose for us to enter the  missionfield. We’ve discovered our identity in Christ. Now our hearts are filled with the need to go and serve and share his love. This would not be the end of the revelation.  The Holy Spirit has worked in us, shedding light on our unique situation; no kids and only a mortgage keeping us from engaging the mission field. Moving into God’s will, drastically downsizing our possessions and even selling our home, the more we let go and surrender, the more peace we’re given. God has revealed to us a bigger plan than we could have ever imagined. After sharing what God was doing in our lives with Merge Ministries we were given short-term mission assignments in Nicaragua and Ecuador. Then God really started to show off, a three month mission assignment to Argentina was dropped in our lap. It was there, in the middle of Patagonia, that God convinced us we were to pursue full-time mission. We have been accepted as new missionaries with Serve Globally (ECC’s Mission Priority). We will be partnering with the Iglesia del Pacto Evangélico Argentina, which consists of several Covenant Churches. We are committed to serve there “to join in God’s mission to make more disciples among more populations in a more caring and just world.” Each church has its own outreach and community development projects. We eagerly look forward to walking alongside the Argentine Conference and Churches in the areas of Developing Leaders, Make and Deepen Disciples and Church Vitality.


We hope that you are as excited about this opportunity as we are! While we can’t take you with us (yet) we ask that you participate in this mission. There a few ways you can support us. Most important of course is prayer. We would love to know who our prayer partners are and update you along the way. Knowing that you are behind us will give us strength both spiritually and emotionally. We will be strangers in a strange land, and that can be isolating. We ask for prayer that God’s will is done, that He is glorified through this work and that we are a blessing to those we encounter. Secondly, is financially. We’ve learned that we aren’t meant do it all on our own and would like to extend an invitation to you to take part in this ministry in an equally critical way. Your support will help us engage in outreach and community projects that will serve to impact the lives of children and families and be a great witness of God’s mercy.



You’re much appreciated, tax receiptable donation can be sent to:

The Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada
PO Box 23117
RPO McGillivaryWinnipeg, MB R3T 5S3
Memo: Global – Argentina

Online at covchurch.ca/nahnychuk
Partnering from the USA: covchurch.org/mcnahnychuk

If you have questions, we’d love to hear from you at max-colleen.nahnychuk@covchurch.org
Blessings to you. Max and Colleen

Information about the organizations:
Evangelical Covenant Church of Canada – www.covchurch.ca
Serve Globally – www.covchurch.org/mission
Merge – www.covmerge.org

Listen here to our Mission Testimony!

Listen more about me – A Journey of Surrender and Obedience

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