Partnership Opportunity for Individuals

We need financial supporters to cover the cost of housing, food, insurance and ministry expenses. And some of you may join us in person and/or be a host to someone from Germany. Please consider partnering with us for two years of collaboration to share the goodness of Jesus among Germans and refugees!

Partnership Opportunity for Churches

A compelling opportunity exists for Christians to demonstrate and communicate God’s love by partnering with us.  In addition to financial support, we covet your prayers, and personal invovlement. In return we commit to communicate to you on the ministry progress often and in detail.

Here are five reasons why you should consider this as the primary missions outreach of your church:

  • Relevance – your church would be seen as a group that is meeting contemporary issues.
  • Urgency – unlike many missions, this is time-dependent, the opportunity is now!!
  • Opportunity to minister to people who’ve  been forced from their community structure and are now able to consider Jesus for the first time in their lives.
  • Communication and involvement – your congregation will feel like they are there
  • Opportunities for short term ministry which could help revitalize the church

How You Can Give

Donate online, email us or mail a check! Send to: Evangelical Covenant ChurchP.O. Box 773420, Chicago, IL, 60677-3420, made payable to Evangelical Covenant Church with “Fauss” in the memo.

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