God is moving in Germany!

img_3928Since 2015 Germany has received about one million refugees.  These people are displaced, distressed and in need of support and care.   Together with our partners, we have a unique opportunity to minister to their needs.

Acting on a move of the Spirit in our hearts, we have committed and been commissioned by the ECC Department of World Mission to serve, beginning in the Summer/Fall of 2016.  Our work is with a local church in eastern Berlin to:

  • Develop the church and its outreach
  • Serve and share in practical ways with refugees and Germans
  • Act as a bridge between the church, the community, refugees and our US partners
  • Collaborate on best practices and share our experiences
  • Provide information and opportunities for involvement to our partners

If you would like more information please look around the site contact us and we would be happy to respond immediately.

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