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An African witch doctor

“When we invited over 60 traditional rulers, including some witch doctors and pastors from 30 language communities, we didn’t know what to expect. “


The chief of the village is one of the most powerful and respected men in his domain. Some are so revered that they do not even eat in the same room as commoners, ever. Sometimes they also carry out the roles of a witch doctor.

The chief in the video below shares his story.  “I was a very strong sorcerer….Today I am starting literacy classes for chiefs of other villages…”

Watch the Video

This video was taken during the first seminar ever to be attempted of its type in Cameroon according to anyone’s knowledge.  The goal was to create a cooperation between African traditional rulers and pastors.  The seminar was a project of CABTAL, The Cameroonian Association for Bible Translation and Literacy.  The Director of CABTAL, Efi, had two of his children in Heidi’s preschool.

Efi writes: “When we invited over 60 traditional rulers and pastors from 30 language communities, we didn’t know what to expect. What happened completely blew our minds away. God is doing something that is hard to describe!”

To see a traditional ruler sit down with the pastor of his community to work on a dream for transformation and to see both of them come forward the pastor holding the poster and the traditional ruler presenting their dreams was absolutely amazing. We praise God for lighting this fire!

For this month’s newsletter, we shared with you some stories from our fellow missionaries, Efi & Mindy Tembon, who have been working in Cameroon with CABTAL since 2012.  As a native Cameroonian, Efi has made it his life’s goal to see the Gospel become available to every Cameroonian in their mother tongue.  CABTAL’s history begins in 1977.   Read more here:

This article is shared by Konroy & Heidi Boeckel, who are serving with Covenant World Mission in Camaroon.  This article was included in their August, 2016 newsletter.

Konroy & Heidi Boeckel

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