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Hello friends of Center for World Mission,

CWCS would like to welcome you to our blog. Here we will be posting testimonials, stories, pictures, media, and resources that assist in our role as a center to bring the world to North Park and North Park to the world.

Last May CWCS participated with UPU in Congo, our sister seminary, with a biblical and theological study of 2 Corinthians involving students from both seminaries. Other posts will go into detail on that amazing trip. The Congo is the largest of the Covenant denominations and we have much to learn from our brothers and sisters in Africa.

This year CWCS trips include a trip to Thailand as well as Columbia. Thailand has already passed, where pastors and students from the US lived and worked amongst Thai church planters in Bangkok, learning first-hand the challenges and joys of God’s mission to the marginalized neighborhoods of the city. Columbia is a trip that will focus on mission through community public health and holistic outreach. If interested in this trip please contact CWCS.

Travel can be a contentious topic. It is not all that CWCS is involved with, but there is at least a yearly travel experience provided through the center. Why travel to another place? Is that the best use of funds? Why not just use the internet to be informed or connect? These are the good questions that we here at CWCS ask as well, yet time and time again these trips: being physically present and learning alongside our sisters and brothers in another culture from our own creates an experience that is irreplaceable and unique. There is great value in sharing the table together, the long truck ride together, praise and worship, work and study, and even resting together that urges CWCS to continue to provide opportunities for students, clergy, and layworkers to experience that sharing. Please see posted testimonials and read for yourself how God has worked in these experiences.

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