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In March, a group of 11 North Park University nursing and pre-med students came to Oaxaca to work side-by-side with the group of volunteers with the ministry of Semillas de Salud (Seeds of Health).  This is the third year in a row that NPU and Semillas de Salud have worked together in the small town of San Andrés Ixtlahuaca to promote health and prevent disease through health education and health screenings.

One of the keys to making this ministry healthy and prepared to continue on into the future is the focus on partnership between the NPU students and the Semillas de Salud volunteer team.  The NPU students could easily perform the health screenings, but by doing them together with the Semillas team empowers the local people and challenges our US visitors to work in a culturally sensitive way.  Our desire is that the people of San Andrés Ixtlahuaca continue to deepen their understanding of health and health education and that in the future this type of screening and education is performed completely by local people.

Thank you to North Park University and to each of the students who chose to invest their time, resources and skills in partnering with Semillas de Salud to plant seeds of health here in Oaxaca.

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