Grace Notes for today

Thought I would share some of the grace notes I wrote in my journal today…

– a quiet home for play, rest and welcoming guests (not feeling quite ready for that yet since we are still unpacking, but soon…)

– a cooler, cloudy day and night (it has been quite hot since we’ve arrived)

– our dog Jojo is doing better (when we first picked her up from those who took care of her this year, she was very, very skinny, had ticks and fleas and anemia, but now she is eating well and gaining energy and strength)

– boys are so excited (and a little nervous) to go back to Oaxaca Christian School next Monday and their teachers are preparing right now to welcome them

– being able to cook again (since most of our kitchen stuff is now unpacked) and watching the family devour home-cooked food and Maya delighting in every new food she tries

– husband who helps take care of the not-fun-at-all and sometimes quite bureaucratic stuff related to our living in Oaxaca, i.e. car insurance (he spent 5 hours on that today and has more paperwork and running around for tomorrowl), internet and phone (and once set up figuring out how to get internet to actually work by getting an additional router), finding someone to help make us screens (we have beautiful, huge windows and sliding glass doors but with no screens, and as we hear more and more stories of people who have had or have zika, and the hotter weather, we need screens and the first two guys who came to look at the windows never got back to us with quotes, but today a guy finally commited to making them – yay!), and many, many other details related to our house

– sweet Maya is sleeping so well and brings so much joy to her family and everyone who meets her

– “seeing” my mom and dad on skype today, and hearing the boys say just how much they love and miss them, and their help in keeping us up-to-date on our bills

and, the icing on the cake…

– reading the Night Office prayers from the Divine Hours by Phyllis Tickle with the boys (I saw it on our bookshelf, which means Nils must have unpacked it – what an awesome husband!) and the boys happily participated with me in the Gloria and the Lord’s Prayer and Lucas asked if we could read them again tomorrow 🙂

Thanks for sharing my joys today!  God is good.  We continue to adjust to life in Oaxaca.  We have good days and tough days, but we try to find grace and gratitude in it all.

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2 thoughts on “Grace Notes for today”

  1. Praise God for the many ways he cares for you and your needs! When does school start? Starting new each year is always exciting and a little anxiety producing….especially when you’ve been away a whole year.

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