A little like coming “home”

A missionary has a lot of “homes”.  We can feel at home both in the US and in Mexico.  (We can also feel totally out of place in our “home”, and that’s probably a good thing as Scripture tells us we are not of this world and we have a place in heaven reserved for us, but that’s another blog post.)  We’ve lived in 3 countries, 7 cities and 11 different apartments or houses during our 16 years of marriage!  We’ve learned that “home” has less to do with a physical place and more to do with Christ’s presence with us and the people who form our family and community.  However, each of these places have become very special to us precisely because of the people who live there and love us!

Last weekend we were able to visit Anchor Covenant Church in Lake Geneva, WI, and it felt a little like coming home.  On our last home assignment we lived in this area with Nils’s parents and Anchor was our home church for half of the year.

I realized how God had blessed us with such rich friendship in such a short time and I was so thankful.  And, although we enjoy all of our visits to our supporting churches, this one felt more relaxed, more comfortable, probably because of the extra time we spent with them five years ago.

Lunch with Nils's parents and friends from Anchor Covenant
Lunch with friends from Anchor Covenant and Nils’s parents.

We especially enjoyed our time with the youth group!  Our friend lead the group and she encouraged us to bring a game, and so we spent some time putting together a NOT Jeopardy game about our family, ministry and Mexico.  We all had so much fun!

12443398_10156718040230512_101381897_o 12887306_10156718041040512_214700871_oWe went to the local Mexican market and picked up some Mexican candies and snacks to share with the kids, and we were surprised because everyone in the group tried the chapulines (grasshoppers)!

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Gracias to Anchor Covenant and to all our partnering churches for making us feel at “home” wherever we visit this year!

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  1. I agree with Neal…I may not have lived here when you lived here on home assignment, but I LOVE having you guys here and part of us! Know you have my support and desire to be part of this part of “home” 100%!

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