The Day the boys were baptized

I’ve been meaning to write a blog post about the boys’ baptism ever since it happened the Sunday after Easter Sunday, but every time I think about the experience,it2015-04-12 13.54.35 edited is so hard to put into words.  My heart is full of gratitude for the way God is at work in our boys’ hearts and lives, drawing them to Himself in a loving, gentle and patient way.  I am so thankful for the community of God’s people who have poured love into our boys’ lives and been a testimony in word and deed to God’s love for them.  This day was one more step in their journey with God, albeit a significant one for us all.

The boys had just finished participating in a 10 session discipleship class with their two good friends Julio and Esteban, Pastor Julio and Monica’s boys, and two other girls from church.  During that class they learned about baptism and were asked if they would like to be baptized.  I talked with the boys about this decision, we read the story of Jesus getting baptized and what it would mean for them and they felt like they were ready, although they admitted to being nervous about having everyone’s eyes on them during their baptism.

It was a sunny, hot day up in the mountains and at the river where they, along with Julio, Esteban and a few other teenagers and one adult from church, were baptized.  We found some shade and set up the chairs for our service of singing and a short message from Pastor Julio about baptism, while cows, bulls and goats grazed nearby.  When the time came to be baptized, Nils was asked to help and each person was asked if they had put their faith in Jesus and decided to follow Him, to which they all responded yes.

Again, I can’t really describe the moment or how I felt, and like Mary I am still trying to ponder it in my heart and mind.  Here are some pictures that may do better than my words in communicating the blessing of that day…


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