Women’s Group experiencing God’s desire through and in us

“You are the desiring of God. God desires through you and longs for Life and Love through you and in you. Allow it, speak it, and you will find your place in the universe of things. Now let me tell you something: You cannot begin to desire something if you have not already slightly tasted it.”  (Ash Wednesday reflection from Richard Rohr’s Wondrous Encounters: Scripture for Lent)

“We are ambassadors for Christ, God as it were appealing through us.  We implore you in Christ’s name: know that you are a friend of God!” 2 Cor. 5:20

For over one year, we have been meeting every other week, reflecting together in new and creative ways on the Scripture and equipping each other for service and ministry.  Many of the women have expressed that this group has been their first time experiencing God in a loving and relevant way in their lives and a community of love and acceptance.  As I read Richard Rohr’s meditation today, I found it to be true for myself and the women in our group.  Twenty women representing different Covenant churches from the Oaxacan valley are currently participating in Mending the Soul together, with Patty Restrepo and me facilitating the process.  We have heard many disturbingly sad stories of all types of abuse, and of being abandoned emotionally and physically by family.  At the same time, we have heard over and over again, “I am so thankful to God for this group, where I am experiencing true love, acceptance and family”, and some have added “for the first time”.

As I wrote that last sentence, tears came to my eyes, because our God is truly amazing.  Although the women in this group, including Patty and myself, are imperfect vessels of God’s grace and love, His desire for each person to experience His abundant and overwhelming love is pouring out through us all to one another.  As we taste more and more the goodness of a God who has created us in His image and likeness and as we taste the love and acceptance of the family of God, we begin to desire to experience that in our own families, communities and churches.  The desire for God, Life and Love multiples and grows in us, and God’s healing becomes real in our lives.

The Holy Spirit has placed in each woman in this group His desire and longing for God, for God’s love and abundant life in a real and transforming way.  Even as we walk with them in their pain from past or present broken relationships, we experience the joy and privilege of being an ambassador for Christ and a friend of God!

Please join me in prayer for this group of women, for each one to know and experience in her heart, soul, and mind the love of God that will bring transformative healing to her life, family and community.

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