Blessed are the peacemakers

The other night after having struggled with both the boys fighting with each other and one of my sons refusing to help me set the table and then clear the table. (Why is it that when one of them refuses to cooperate the other one is like an angel?)  Anyways, I was tucking them into bed and reading the family value of the day (from 31 days of family values on the Bible app) and it happened to be peace.  I asked my boys how they understood peace and the son I had argued with that night said, “I know what it is but I can’t explain it, but I know that I want peace.  I don’t like arguing or fighting”.  I agreed with him, and then I got a phone call and said goodnight while Nils finished putting them to bed.

But my son’s comment really struck me: “I want peace”, he said.  And, sometimes I actually think he may enjoy arguing!  No, this boy is made in God’s dove_peace-5555pximage and he longs for the Kingdom of God to be complete in our family.  I kept reflecting on this, wishing I had had the opportunity to continue the conversation.

The next day, that same son almost lost it and refused to go to school because he wanted a sandwich for his snack and he found out he was getting pancakes.  However, it was amazing to see how he thought through his reaction and was able to control himself, and finally decided to be content with his lunch even though it wasn’t exactly what he wanted.  God is at work in our children!

After school Nils and I decided to continue the conversation about peace with our boys, and I asked them where peace came from.  They dutifully answered, like good missionary kids – God.  And I said they were right, that the Bible says that peace is a fruit of the Holy Spirit, at work in us, and so we need to ask God to help us create a home where peace reigns.  We were also able to affirm how we see God at work in each of our boys, including that morning.  It was a beautiful moment where God was so obviously present.

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1 thought on “Blessed are the peacemakers”

  1. Oh, blessings on you guys! Since we have never been parents we can only stand amazed that you can daily figure this all out!

    Last Thursday I officially retired as a teacher after 6 years in a bi-lingual public school. I had some really difficult years–one deemd “the classroom from hell” by a behavior prof. This final one was a goodf year-an unusual one! I had 3 sets of twins, the niece of one set of twins, and for a 40-min. Spanish class–another niece of the same twins, and for most of the year a 4th set of twins in that class! And there were 3 times as many girls as boys–21 to 8! The year before I had twice as many boys as girls, and so, that was a different dynamic. I must say, boys are just more actively conflictive it seems.

    So, yesterday I finally took time to read through letters from this year and the past 2 years that my teaching assistant had arranged for the kids to write (behind my back!) This one was from a little 8-year-old guy living with Christian grandparents, “Thank you for being our good teacher. I like being in class but it is very hard for me because ther’s so much thing’s in my head.” A 7-year old: “Thak you for making me smort.” “You are the best S.L.D. techer I ever had. I hope I am bylegwel.” And from a little girl who threw such fits that once even her mother (called from work) and her grandfather (brought from home) couldn’t make her calm down in the hall where she was kicking the walls and screaming until her father had the school call the police and 4 people carried her out: “I am so sorr to be so mean to you and I will never but ever hert your feeling I will be nice to you I love you like a teacher I am so sorry to you ok I like you for ever and ever I even like you more then the hole world I am relly but relly sorry to you and then I like you very much.”

    So, I have the feeling that little kids often act out on the outside something very different from the inside.
    I remember when I was 5 and my other bought me book of little prayers and tried to teach me how to pray. I threw a hissy fit. I DID NOT WANT TO PRAY! I cried and screamed about how much I didn’t want to do that. And then, I went to bed feeling bad that I didn’t pray. (Actually, I’ve been making up for my childish lack a lot since then . . . .)

    –So, speaking of praying. I took a 6-month course, an internship in a hospital, and a national English test to become a healthcare interpreter. Now, I have paid and am just awaiting a date to take my final national oral test in Spanish which will take them 8-10 weeks to correct. Hope to become certified to interpret for healthcare and sign up for an agency which also provides interpreters for schools in the area for parent/teacher conferences. So, help me pray that I will study adequately the medical terminology and remember it in the moment–and all the afterwards!

    Jerry has become an importer and seller of C-N-C (computer-controlled) lasers and routers. So, that is super interesting to him. He has a little industrial site to keep them and demonstrate them in.

    At church he is pastor emeritus and is considered the ambudsman for anyone who wants to discuss an issue. Yesterday the present pastor and leadership team just asked my to allow my name to be submitted for vice-chair of the church. Ours is a 123-year old congregation that is on the grow. Over 30 new members were received last Sunday! But mainly, I play piano for Sunday services with a contemporary worship team.

    We are doing some pre-pre-arrangements for our upcoming 50th anniversary! (Can you believe??!!) We’re going to hold a big Mexican Fiesta at our church social hall Sept. 20 from 4-8 p.m. If you are in the area, don some Mexican duds and join us!

    Join us at any time, actually! Aquí tienen su otra casa,

    Love and abrazos! Adelante,

    Germ’;an y Vicky — Rev. 3:7-8

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