Family Workshops

In the last few months, Nils and I have had the opportunity to facilitate several marriage and one parenting workshop in three different churches here in Oaxaca.  We’ve addressed issues like conflict and abuse in marriage relationships, as well as how to express your love to your spouse and children in a way they can receive and understand it (The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman).  We feel blessed to have been trained in facilitating groups while serving at FUNDEFAM in Monterrey, and we enjoy leading fun activities like dramas and icebreakers, as well as deeper discussion times like talking about issues of anger and how we deal with it in a way that honors God.  We are by no means experts and we often share our own stories of how we struggle with knowing how to discipline our children in love, or learning how to communicate in a deeper way with each other.  But we also share how God is transforming us to more clearly reflect his Kingdom values.  That is our prayer for the couples within our churches as well.  Would you pray with us for our own family, as well as the families God puts in our path to minister with and encourage?


Here are a few pictures from the workshops…

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