Easter Sunday baptisms!

Easter Sunday is when many churches baptize new believers and today we had the privilege of witnessing 5 committed Christians from Amparo y Fortaleza Covenant Church publicly proclaim their faith in Jesus Christ at a beautiful river about 2 hours outside the city.  Praise God!  After the baptisms we enjoyed time playing in the water and a picnic potluck lunch together.  Here are a few pictures from this special day.

Pastor Julio and his father Armando performed the baptisms









The 5 who were baptized Easter Sunday
Armando congratulating Rene (Nils was probably congratulating one of the others too)









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4 thoughts on “Easter Sunday baptisms!”

  1. Wow qué alegría!!! Veo a Matias muy grande…Gracias Nils y Erika por el invaluable apoyo que de ustedes recibimos. Gracias Erika por tu tiempo con nuestros jóvenes y Gracias Nils por disponerte a estar con nosostros en la junta de la mesa directiva y por darnos este entrenamiento a nuestros lideres. Dios les siga bendiciendo. Abrazos y besos a los chicos!!!

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