Graduation of Conflict Resolution Course

About a month ago now we celebrated the completion of the conflict resolution course at one of the Covenant Churches in the valley of Oaxaca. We praise God for the way He is at work in the women’s lives, evidenced in the testimonies shared. The closing ceremony was full of laughter and celebration! Twelve women received certificates at the ceremony which happened to fall during the dates that Erika’s parents and brother were visiting us. So it was an especcailly fun celebration as Erika led everyone in games and the women prepared tlayudas (Oaxacan style pizza) for us all to enjoy together. Erika has been invited to continue working with these women, and hopefully some friends of theirs from the community as well, to continue addressing issues related to self-esteem, self-worth and healthy, peaceful conflict resolution. We are also excited because Russel, a very compassionate and strong young leader in the church, has invited Nils to start a men’s group with him, where they plan to come together to study the Bible and at the same time discuss issues related to the family. Please pray the Holy Spirit would continue to work in bringing His peace and love to these families.

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  1. Hi Nils and Erica, I always enjoy your newsletters and cont. to pray for you on Tues. I am hoping that you will have a home leave again soon. I thought I had sent this request toyou last fall. But when I went to look for it, I couldn’t find it under sent. Now that you have been in Oaxaca for a while, have you had a chance to visit some of the morerural/indigenous areas? Do you think that a VetMerge team would be of any benefit in helping the local Cov churches reach out to some of these areas. It is exciting to read ab out the strength of the Cov churches in your area and am happy that you have found a church to call home. It sounds like a good fit for your family.

    If this worked out for a VetMerge team to come down there and work with you , we would probably waNT TO DO THE FIRST trip in 2013 if that worked for you and your Cov team in Oaxaca. We also aren’t being allowed to go to Derramadero or Jame this year.

    Blessings, Lorraine

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