Amparo y Fortaleza

Since our arrival we have been alternately visiting the four Covenant churches located here in the valley on Sundays as a way to get to know everyone and as we sought God’s guidance as to where we should make our church home. We are very excited that we have made the decision to attend a small Covenant church, new to the Covenant, called Amparo y Fortaleza. Julio, the pastor, and his wife Monica, from Monterrey, are a young couple with two boys around the age of Matías and Lucas and they live within walking distance from our home. We have developed a close relationship with them and always enjoy attending church located about a 10 minute drive from our place. Check out a recent blog entry about Julio and the diversity in the Covenant church of Oaxaca here…

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3 thoughts on “Amparo y Fortaleza”

  1. Sorry, should have specified: Amparo y Fortaleza means shield and strength — see Psalm 46:1 — and is the name of the church.
    Also just realized it was spelled wrong in the title…I will correct that.

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  2. Thanks for the update. Nancy is not walking, but free of pain. I can get her in the pool so that is good. We are taking things a day at a time. We are also excited about the redo of our apartment. Betty is coming tohelp on March 26, Herb and Elaine will come to help us move back into the apartment. Ken and betty will come and help as well. We will drive to Los Cruses on March 30th, than fly from El Paso to MA to visit Tim and family. Lots to do before than.

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