To do list…

by Aaron on October 18, 2011


To do list for a church planter in Sweden:

  • prepare sermon aka “talk” for Sunday
  • contact those involved in the “celebration service” or “big gathering” aka Sunday service
  • write a weekly devotion for the small groups this week.
  • meet with the mother-church’s treasurer and the church plant’s new teasurer to work through the budget
  • check emails
  • after reading emails: write another to-do-list just for Covenant World Mission (take a survey, write a ministry report, update blog…)
  • eat lunch with people in the church plant
  • make time for my bride
  • make time for my wife and I to prepare for a child who is on his/her way in 5 months
  • have a “fika” aka go to a caf√© with a few misc. people connected with the church plant.
  • check Facebook (see how people are doing, check the core-groups page and make another to-do-list )
  • design a website
  • try purchasing domain for a few weeks…no contact, pray, then call! ¬†GREAT!! AWESOME!! needing to pay $10,000 for the domain….NO WAY!
  • start looking for a new domain to use…ask for help…wait for thoughts…get good thoughts…process again…
  • design business cards
  • contact neighboring churches
  • work with neighboring churches
  • work out at the gym in Brunnsbo (“connecting” and being in the area of the church plant)
  • have another lunch with others interested in the church plant (hoping to encourage others to plant churches too)
  • do fundraising
  • get 100% of fundraising in
  • redo budget…need to do more fundraise again
  • go to small group and share frustration
  • small group gives the challenge: fundraising becomes FUNraising and it all of a sudden everything makes sense
  • got to the mother-church to update “the information corner”
  • reprint “small group material” for the small groups in the mother church to use…reprinting is needed since the material was used as scratch paper.
  • update email list for the newsletter
  • Write this months NewsLetter
  • print NewsLetter
  • Clean/organize “the information corner” area
  • Go to a retreat for missionaries
  • make another to-do-list to prepare the retreat and make airplane, train, and car travel reservations
  • have a staff meeting in the mother-church
  • have a leadership meeting with the core-group in the church plant (laugh, laugh, and laugh again but still get things done)
  • realize that one has been too busy and needs to pray…add prayer meeting on Wednesday mornings to the list.
  • try to redefine or rename DNA-groups, Cell-groups and big gatherings into something that others an actually understand.
  • take a prayer walk in Brunnsbo
  • make dinner for people in the church-plant
  • pay Swedish taxes
  • redo family budget because of taxes
  • realize one needs to trust God more because of a tighter money situation…end up giving more money to church as a result.
  • Bike to the market to get food…the pregnant wife is hungry and I actually like making food.
  • answer text messages (make another to-do-list)
  • realizing that 90% of the stuff on this list really doesn’t have anothing to do with sharing the Gospel and starting a new church= PRICELESS!
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