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Who is Aaron Thompson?

Well, I am 33 years old and  I grew up in Cambridge, Minnesota USA.  Graduated from high school in 2000.  Attended Covenant Bible College in Windsor, Colorado USA.  Graduated from Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts USA in 2004 with a double major in Biblical and Theological Studies & Youth Ministries.  I later attended North Park Theological Seminary in Chicago, Illinois USA and received a Masters in Divinity in spring 2007.  That year I also became a short-term missionary in Gothenburg, Sweden.  I served for several years as a youth pastor, got ordained in June 2009 and I am currently the Church Planting Pastor within a Swedish church called:  Fiskebäcks Missionskyrka.  I got married to a dear Swede named Stina in June 2010. Now my wife and I have welcomed Ruth to our family in March 2012 and Iris in August 2014.  Praise God!!

In August 2011 I began the road to church planting. I never thought that I would be doing church planting.  I often thought, “I am just a youth pastor…why should I do church planting?”  But many others have encouraged me through their words, through visions, prophecies, and wisdom…I guess when God leads and when He calls, one ought to do what He says, even if one does not feel 100% ready, I suppose that is where trust comes in. In November 2012 we finally got the chance to move to the church-planting area called Brunnsbo.  It is exciting to see what God can do through us now that we live in the midst of the people we do ministry with!!! The church plant called Brunnen (The Well) has 16 members and 26 active since Dec 2014. Although small for the US is a not so uncommon size for Sweden.  The church is growing, people are coming to faith, and Christ’s impact in and through us as a church is reaching others in Brunnsbo.  During 2015 Brunnen is focusing on making disciples who make disciples through prayer, more involvement in Brunnsbo, and taking risks and trusting more on God. Life in Brunnen is happening!

I believe very strongly in my calling to reach others for Christ.  My passion is for not only internationals and immigrants in Sweden, but also Swedes.  Within my 8 years of serving in Sweden I have learned time and time again that something special happens to immigrants and Swedes when they meet–God seems to be doing more when these two groups get together.  Old Swedes and new Swedes together, praising the same God for the same reason…starting a multi-cultural church in a multi-cultural part of Gothenburg just sounds like a good idea to me!  Exciting, but yet also an opportunity to trust in God in ways I never thought possible.  An opportunity to see God work through the life of others, and also work through me too.  Church planting is an opportunity to experience the miracle of the Gospel reaching people in Sweden today.

You can always contact me at: aaron.thompson(at)covchurch.org


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