My name is Craig Wickstrom and I am serving with the Evangelical Covenant Church of America as liaison between its Serve Globally department and the Communauté Evangelique de l’Ubangi-Mongala (the CEUM) which is its partner in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

As I write this, my primary responsibility is to raise funds to cover my salary and expenses so that I can begin traveling to Congo on a regular basis in support of planned trips among these partner churches.  Until I begin regular travel to Congo, it is difficult to describe my work, but I can state without qualification that I am committed to a Covenant community that includes Christians in both Congo and America.

Readers of this blog will find that it tends toward a philosophical understanding of the world.  I am not a trained philosopher, but my ongoing effort to understand the world in which I live and act has led me to study and write about philosophy and philosophers – often pushing myself to struggle with concepts that I tacitly know to be important even though I cannot define them explicitly.

This philosophical emphasis interacts with my ongoing study of the Word of God evident in scripture, in worship, in personal relationship, and in life lived.  Occasionally, I am surprised by discovery or rediscovery of new or old ideas that seem powerful in their implications.  This blog is an opportunity for me to share such ideas.  It will not, in other words, be a travel log or an extended report on the work of the Covenant church in either America or Congo.

I have been blessed with a short memory, so I may occasionally repeat myself without realizing it.  At other times I may examine a concept again from a fresh perspective.  Nevertheless, my intention is to provide new insights that I find fruitful.  Hopefully you will find the same to be true.

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