All I want for Christmas!

covcares 2015As we approach the Christmas season we find ourselves asked the question of “What do you want for Christmas?” If you aren’t a grandparent merely wishing to add to the adorable collection of family photos, we often find ourselves slightly terrified by this question. Getting gifts for adults is awkward, most adults already buy themselves things they need or want on a as-needed bases thus, forcing them to give an overly vague answer or to dodge the question altogether. Instead of struggling through the turmoil of Christmas obscurity we invite you to give a gift that will have a lasting effect and resolve your gift-giving enigma.

Covenant Cares allows you to give a gift that supports a number of the ministries of the Covenant Church. From buying a fish in Thailand to sewing tools in Colombia, or supporting a community with clean water through the gift of wells in Africa: all gifts will have an impact. Instead of struggling through the seemingly consumerist obscurity that is adult gift giving, consider giving a gift that can refocus the meaning of Christmas.

So this year, when you are asked what you want for Christmas and you don’t know what to say, tell them “All I want for Christmas is a gift from CovCares, and that will brighten my day!”

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