Ways you can be praying for Haiti

One week after the earthquake struck, emergency aid still has not reached many people. More than 1 million people have lost their homes. Pray that people would receive food, water and basic shelter.

  • Pray for strength and perseverance for the emergency response workers, deployed from around the world, as they are working long hours in very difficult conditions.
  • Many people are still awaiting medical treatment and care and supplies are limited. Please pray for people at King’s Hospital who are having broken bones set and surgeries done with little or no anesthesia. Pray that medical supplies would get into the hands of doctors at King’s Hospital and others across Port au Prince.
  • Pray for peace and security. As days pass and people are still waiting to receive basic supplies, the level of violence is increasing. At least one emergency worker is reported to have been attacked. Praise the Lord that our staff are still experiencing relative peace and security. Continue to lift them up in prayer.
  • Pray for World Relief’s Dr. Hubert Morquette and Dr. Esther Gwan, working alongside American and Haitian doctors to treat hundreds of patients each day. They have been working 18 or 19 hours a day attempting to serve the needs. Pray for rest.
  • As World Relief plans to extend to two underserved areas of Haiti – Leogan and Jacmel – pray feeding centers and clean water can be made available soon.
  • Pray for World Relief’s 40 Haitian staff—many of whom have lost children, grandchildren and parents. One family dug their daughter out of the rubble and carried her to King’s Hospital, only to have her die in their arms as they arrived. Pray for comfort for them and the hundreds of thousands of Haitians who have lost loved ones in the earthquake.
  • World Relief worked to evacuate a woman with severe injuries to the United States for care. Pray doctors in Florida would operate successfully.
  • Pray for the disaster response staff at World Relief’s headquarters in Baltimore, working around the clock to coordinate activities in Haiti. Pray they would find rest.
  • Pray for the churches in Haiti, that they would find their strength in Christ in order to comfort their community in the face of great loss. Many churches have lost their pastors and leaders. Pray for them as they mourn. Pray the global church would continue to support the Haitian church in prayers, with their resources and financial support.
  • Praise God for the compassion of His Church worldwide in the aftermath of this terrible catastrophe.

from the Department of Christian Formation of the Evangelical Covenant Church

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