Child Sponsor Reminded of Special Gift – 20 Years Later

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ROLLING HILLS ESTATES, CA (November 24, 2009) – Margaret Mohr was first confused and then elated by the letter from the man thanking her for the contributions she had made to his life. She had not been expecting any correspondence from Colombia, nor was the name of the sender immediately familiar to her.

It had been almost 20 years since she had seen the name Edwin Diaz.

Margaret and her husband, Ed (accompanying photo), always have been faithful to tithe as well as give money to missionaries. “Generally we discuss how much to give to each one every month, but about 20 years ago I began a job that gave me a small income that I wanted to tithe on my own,” Mohr says.

Mohr“I had a lot of fun giving to missionaries and praying for them as they went out on short trips, then hearing of the work they had done,” she adds. After awhile, Mohr says, she felt prompted by God to sponsor a child.

“I wanted (a ministry) where I really believed the money would go to the child, and I could feel a connection,” she adds. Because she knew Covenant missionary to Colombia Pooka Lewis, Mohr decided to sponsor a child in the South American country.

She began sponsoring a boy, and Mohr received a drawing and letter from him each Christmas. Several years later, after the boy was out of the program, she sponsored another child.

Mohr has since sponsored at least five children, changing her sponsorship as each child left the program. “After this many years I was used to being very loosely connected to the child I was sponsoring.”

Then she received the letter from Diaz. “At first I thought it was a letter which went to all sponsors to inspire and thank them, as the letter did not seem to be specifically thanking me personally,” Mohr says. “But the more I thought about it, I recalled years ago looking often at the photo of a studious-looking boy, and praying for Edwin Diaz.

“Suddenly the loose connection I was accustomed to became much more meaningful. I realized that God took what little I sent and did something wonderful with it!”

Diaz is now a music minister at a Colombia Covenant Church in Medellin, which made the letter even more exciting for Mohr. Her son, Mark, founded and still leads the pioneering Christian reggae band Christafari, which has its roots in the Rolling Hills Covenant Church.

Diaz also wrote that the sponsor program is vital to the Colombian Covenant Church. “I hadn’t realized that before,” Mohr says. “It’s huge to think that I helped to bless a whole church.”

She still is sponsoring a child, who is about the age of Mohr’s youngest granddaughter, through Covenant Kids. “Now I look at the photo of Cindy Carolina, who I have sponsored for two years, and I see the possibilities.”

For more information, visit the Covenant Kids website and read a previous story.

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