CIPE Celebrating 20th Anniversary This Year

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CHICAGO, IL (September 11, 2008) – The Confraternity of Evangelical Covenant Churches (CIPE) is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.

The organization was founded during its first consultation in 1988. Participating countries include Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Mexico, as well as Hispanic ministries in the United States. Spain and Uruguay are affiliate countries. The organization also has fraternal Covenant churches in the United States and Canada (ECC), Sweden, Norway and Finland.

Through CIPE, Spanish-speaking churches in Latin America and Spain connect with the larger Covenant family, share resources and ministries, and send missionaries, says Nancy Reed, a retired Evangelical Covenant Church missionary who has played a key role in advancing CIPE.

“It’s an extremely functional model because it allows for the opportunity of intercultural identification, profitable study and practical application,” Reed says. “There was also the benefit of cross-cultural growth and understanding among students and staff.”

Reed recites a lengthy list of CIPE accomplishments:
•    The Twelve-Year Sunday School Curriculum – educators from Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, and the United States worked together to create Sunday school materials in Spanish for churches in Latin America and Spain.
•    A ministers’ manual for worship ceremonies and programs is now in print and digital format and available for all Spanish-speaking churches.
•    A six-week Bible school for young adults began in 2001 in Ecuador and Mexico. It is now is held in Spain and Argentina, too. The school enables students to participate in a cross-cultural program.
•    The Ecuadorian hymnal, “Cántico Nuevo,” and children’s songbook, “Cantemos con Alegría,” have been used in other Covenant churches in Latin America.
•    The Spanish counterpart to the Covenant Home Altar – Hoy Con Dios (Today with God) – is written and read by Covenanters throughout Latin America. Christians outside the Covenant, including Cuba, have used the devotional.

CIPE includes various other groups such as a women’s organization (CDIPE), Covenant Youth International (JOPE), Theological Education (CETIPE) and Christian Education (CECIPE).

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