Congo, Sweden Churches Thank Palmberg

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GREEN LAKE, WI (June 25, 2008) – Representatives from the Congo Covenant Church (CEUM) and the Mission Covenant Church of Sweden (MCCS) expressed gratitude and praise to Evangelical Covenant Church President Glenn Palmberg during this morning’s business session of the 123rd Annual Meeting.

SangumaThe Congolese refer to Palmberg as “the father with the great, great love,” said CEUM President Mossai Sanguma (top photo). He explained the phrase does not refer to an authoritarian paternalistic relationship, “but the intimacy between a dad and his children.”

Sanguma told Palmberg, “Your love to us in the Congo has been proved through the Paul Carlson Partnership (PCP).”

Noting the benefits of the PCP, Sanguma declared, “Women who could not read, today can read. Women who left schools a long time ago have come back to school.” He added that roads have been fixed, schools improved, and HIV is being treated.

He emphasized that the relationship will continue. “The CEUM has sent me to let you know that there is no retirement from praying for the people in the Congo,” Sanguma said. “We will continue to be in touch, and we know also that you will continue to be in our prayer.

BertilBertil Svensson (lower photo), mission director of the MCCS thanked Palmberg for his support and stressed the importance of the two bodies working in partnership. “We are bound together to serve each other in the worldwide church,” he said.

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