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CHICAGO, IL (December 3, 2007) – A number of new resources have been added to the Evangelical Covenant church website at the request of various local churches and ministry offices.

Shared Ministry

Covenant churches this fall received the new 2008 Shared Ministry brochure, which illustrates the many ways in which the collective arms of compassion/justice and evangelism reach out to a lost and hurting world on behalf of all Covenanters through shared ministry initiatives.

A new PowerPoint presentation has been added to the website to enhance the effectiveness of this shared ministry initiative. To access the PowerPoint, see Shared Ministry.

Shared Resources

Many churches and a few conference offices requested a copy of the 2008 Mission and Ministry Budget approved by delegates to the 2007 Annual meeting in Portland, Oregon. To obtain a copy of the budget in PowerPoint format, along with a PowerPoint presentation of the treasurer’s report, visit Shared Resources.

Letter from President

Some congregations requested access to a copy of the letter from President Glenn Palmberg that was read to attendees at this year’s conference annual meetings throughout the Covenant. That letter is now available in the Resources section at 2007 Conference Letter.

Search Process

Perhaps the current search for a new president of the Evangelical Covenant Church sparked renewed interest on the part of local churches in having resources to help shape effective pastoral search processes.

Helpful material will now be found in the Resources section of the Covenant website by visiting Search process.


Alert followers of changes in the Covenant website no doubt have already noticed the new link at the upper right of the home page that allows Facebook users to quickly share material from the website with their Facebook friends.

More and more churches are finding Facebook to be another inroad to connecting with people who might not otherwise visit a local church or otherwise connect with a local church family. Accounts are free – and for Facebook users, take a look at the expanding list of Covenant-related Facebook discussion groups, including the Covenant Communications group.

Compassion, Mercy and Justice

The new Department of Compassion, Mercy and Justice website segment is beginning to take shape under the direction of Executive Minister Debbie Blue, who assumed her new duties this fall following her election during the Annual Meeting in Portland.

To check it out, visit the CMJ website.

Covenant News

For those not wanting to miss any of the daily news report, visit the Covenant Newswire link on the Covenant home page and sign up for the free daily Covenant online news headline service. You will receive just one email each day containing the headlines and some of the news copy for each story published during the previous 24 hours. RSS news feeds are also available.

Additional notes of new website additions will be posted to this online Covenant news report from time to time.

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