Young Church Wastes No Time Planting Another

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TORRANCE, CA (December 23, 2005)  – Even the recipient of Life Covenant  Church’s generosity says the congregation’s effort to help him and his  church plant “just doesn’t make any sense.”

The 130 attendees of Life Covenant, which is only two and a half years  old itself, have contributed nearly $30,000 over the last several weeks  to the planned Culver City church.

“We’re on a high and just enjoying the moment,” says Doug Lee, pastor of  the Culver City plant. The church already has 21 people committed to it,  even though formal core group development doesn’t start until January.

Tim Morey, pastor of Life Covenant, received unanimous approval from his  board to have the congregation commit $40,000 to the church plant. Morey  told the congregation that he would like to fully fund the $40,000 by  the end of the year.

“I thought he was crazy,” says Lee. Morey, however, has believed that it  will happen, even though the church is comprised mostly of young couples.

“We’ve wanted to be a church planting church from the beginning,” says  Morey, adding that the congregation has church planters in training at  the church. The congregation has been able to support itself and now the  new church because of its commitment to sharing the gospel, he adds.

Wayne Carlson, director of church planting for the Pacific Southwest  Conference, says he is not too surprised at Life Covenant’s generosity.  “It’s so much a part of their vision,” he says. “They started it with  that kind of commitment in mind.”

Lee made a presentation to the congregation on the church plant and then  Morey told them what the leadership had agreed to do. A special offering  was taken. When Morey emailed Lee the next day to tell him the church  had raised $25,000 in that one offering, Lee could hardly believe what  he was reading and recalls, “I was floored.” Since then, another $5,000  has been contributed.

Lees says he is amazed at the pace at which the church plant has come  about. He had visited the church at the invitation of a friend last  December. He told Morey of his vision, and it so happened that the  church had been praying for a church planter to support. By this past  June, Lee had completed his church planter training through the  Evangelical Covenant Church.

“It’s been a radical, radical process,” Lee says. “Aside from the money,  even without that offering, we were so amazingly blessed by the kind of  support we have received through prayer, resources and training. I think  for me, I have two feelings – just feeling overwhelmed, feeling really  blessed, and just an awesome sense of responsibility.”

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