Two Vikings Each Score 1,000th Point in Same Game

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CHICAGO (December 19, 2005)  – Seniors Megan Slattery and Shandrel Young have  not only been teammates on the North Park University Viking basketball  team, they also have been roommates and best friends since their  freshman year. It was only fitting then that they each scored their  1,000th point in the same game.

Scoring that many points in a college career is far from an everyday  occurrence, so reaching the plateau together made the accomplishment  even sweeter, they say.
“It was really amazing reaching my one thousand points with Megan  because she has been my best friend since freshman year as well,” says  Young. “It was an outstanding feeling.”
“Since Shandrel and I were both freshman, we both have said it was a  goal of ours to get it while we were here,” says Slattery. “At the  beginning of this year we said it would be cool if we could get it the  same game because we knew we were only like two points away from each  other, and it was a realistic goal this year.”
“Everyone kept asking us how far away we were, and it was a countdown  ever since,” says Young.
They achieved their goal last Monday against Aurora, when Slattery  scored 14 and Young netted nine. “This is the first time in my  30-year-career that two players have accomplished this in the same  game,” says head coach Jack Surridge.
In addition to sharing the scoring mark, both have averaged double  figures since their freshman years, are recognized as team leaders and  have shared captain duties. Both also have been CCIW All-Conference  selections.
Off the court, the similarities continue with each working towards a  bachelor’s degree in exercise science. “Both are Dean’s List students  who have helped us accomplish Top 25 Academic status as recognized by  the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association,” says Surridge.
Despite their many similarities and achieving their 1,000-point records  together, they reached their goals via different paths. Slattery came to  North Park after playing for nationally recognized New Trier High  School, a Chicago suburban school in which 98 percent of the students  live well above the poverty line and almost all are white. Young grew up  in the city of East Moline and attended United Township High School, at  which only 60 percent of the students live above the poverty line and  the racial makeup is diverse.
Young has played nearly every position on the team depending on its  needs. She holds the CCIW record for free throw attempts and free throws  made, Surridge says. Slattery has played post and distinguished herself  as one of the top rebounders in the league.
Surridge says he is thankful for the opportunity to have coached both  players. Slattery and Young will be presented special basketballs to  honor their recent achievements.
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