Some 17,000 Enjoy ‘Evening in December’

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SACRAMENTO, CA (December 18, 2003)  – More than 17,000 people filled First  Covenant Church during a seven-performance series called “An Evening in  December,” presented over a five-day period.

The 12th annual event ended December 7, said producer and director John  Plastow. The shows were about two hours long and included drama, music,  dancing and instrumental works in what Plastow called “a Broadway style  musical.”

About 300 parishioners were involved in the production, including 200  cast members. Since its first show a dozen years ago, more than 100,000  have attended “An Evening in December,” which is now hosted by the  church in nearby Memorial Auditorium.

Called “Debt Free” and set in modern day Miami and the Caribbean, the  event’s drama centers around the adventures of James Bells, a loveable,  friendly spy who travels around the globe searching for a fellow  operative he believes is on the run due to an unpaid debt. Little does  James know that he is actually the one who has been on the run – from  the feeling that he could never pay back a debt of his own – and a host  of others lead him to an answer that has life-changing implications.

“It’s really become a phenomenon in and of itself,” said Plastow. “God  has really blessed it. We always expected the support – the church is  always fabulous in its support of ministries – but it’s really great to  see not only how the audience is changed, but also how the cast is  changed by it (the production). Their (the cast members) walk with  Christ is strengthened by the process of ministering and sharing the  gospel to the community. That’s a great reward.

“We had people who were only partly involved with our ministry and then  they get involved in this and it’s a real jumping off spot for their  commitment to Christ and the church,” Plastow continued. “Some of my  most committed people in the worship ministry started ministry with ‘An  Evening in December.’ It’s been a wonderful catalyst for ministry of all  types and we have a high level of support from children and youth.”

First Covenant Church averages about 2,500 in worship attendance,  according to Plastow. The church has ministered to its community for 90  years and its senior pastor, Ted Smith, has led the congregation for 22  years. The church has a heavy mission focus abroad, supporting 19  individuals or families. It also has sent numerous volunteers throughout  the world for short-term mission projects. A strong evangelism emphasis  is also a hallmark value for the congregation.

To learn more about First Covenant and its ministries, including “An  Evening in December,” call Plastow at 916-861-2240. The church has a  separate website devoted to the event that can be accessed at

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I miss evening in december. John Plastow did such a good job directing these shows. Sad they are gone.

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