Author: cbuettgen


Choosing Presence and Lament

by Abigail Heath, Sankofa Journey participant, Lafayette, IN

We pulled up alongside a beautiful, brick church, and I tried to imagine the scene of bloody chaos that played out there only a couple of decades ago. We walk inside and …


But Do They Deserve It?

Why God’s Justice Cannot Thrive in a Meritocracy

by Adam Gustine, Director of LMDJ Ministry Initiatives

Perhaps you have noticed this pattern transpire whenever an incident of injustice gains national attention. Controversy gains steam nationally through news and social media …


No Unsacred Places

by Lenore Three Stars, Journey to Mosaic facilitator, member of the Christian Action Commission

Today, I gave a sermon in my church. I don’t really like to use the word, “sermon,” because it sounds too heavy for what I bring. …