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Visual Reminders of Things Gone Wrong

2 comments Written on June 24th, 2011     
Filed under: earthquake, missions

After my first two trips to Tohoku in March and early April I more or less promised myself not to take any more photos of the tsunami carnage and destruction. My prayer is that images of hope and healing will …

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Emergency Warning Systems

2 comments Written on June 23rd, 2011     
Filed under: earthquake, missions

Last night we stayed at the base camp in Miyako City. Just as we were getting up, around 6:51AM I heard the rumbling begin. We had felt a small aftershock last night as we were getting ready for bed but …

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Listening and Building Trust

3 comments Written on June 22nd, 2011     
Filed under: earthquake

The main purpose of this week’s trip to Iwate is to observe, listen and learn. My travel companions are Pastor Shimizu, the chairman of the Japan Covenant, Dave Husby, the director of Covenant World Relief, and Adam Anderson, a pastor …

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Nervous Papa…

5 comments Written on June 7th, 2011     
Filed under: Family, missions

Kendra left for the U.S. today. She is flying by herself, via Los Angeles, to Colorado Springs. After a few days there with grandparents she will once again fly alone, leaving at about midnight for an all night flight, arrive …

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