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Arms and Ankles

Post a Comment » Written on February 27th, 2010     
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Over the years our family has been quite fortunate when it comes to sickness and injuries. But you wouldn’t know it from the past couple of months. Kendra started coughing around Christmas and is just getting over it now… She’s …

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Being the Body

1 Comment » Written on February 13th, 2010     
Filed under: missions

Followers of Jesus probably end up turning off others when we talk too much about being the “body of Christ”. After all, it does sound a bit presumptuous at best… Nevertheless, it’s a pretty central part of our identity, both …

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Gunma in my blood

Post a Comment » Written on February 1st, 2010     
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Gunma Prefecture is about 100km north of Tokyo and my roots go pretty deep there. Our family lived in Gunma from the time of my birth until my first trip to the U.S. at age 5. I still have lots …

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