“COURAGEOUS” impacts Congolese

“This movie has spoken to my heart,” said one pastor after watching the movie “COURAGEOUS” at our house Monday night.  He went on to share that he has been estranged from one of his daughters and has not spoken to her for two years.  She had gotten pregnant, dropped out of high school, married the young man and moved to Kinshasa.  The pastor said, “It was me who made the decision to not speak with her.  I shut her out and now I see that I have a responsibility to seek to repair this relationship.  I continue to be her father and I want to be a good father.”

WOW.  I never anticipated all this could come from just inviting several friends over to watch a movie.  Yes, I knew it was a powerful movie.  Thank you Lord for speaking to this pastor’s heart.

Beyond the personal sharing, the discussion afterwards focused on the need for fathers of integrity like these men in Congo.  Several commented that we should show the movie to more people.  They each deeply appreciated the Resolution.  I have since written down the French version from the movie so they can have a copy.  What it means for the future I don’t know, but lives were touched.  And, we had an enjoyable evening.

One other comment.  They all said the French dubbed version was very understandable.  Thanks to those who put that version on the DVD.

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One Response to ““COURAGEOUS” impacts Congolese”

  1. Sharon Dotson says:

    PRAISE GOD. This is awesome, hearing about this. Powerful movie to share with many!

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