The Power of a Truck

So you have here the Ange bridge.

The Ange bridge

As you can see, you have to have one of your tires properly on the log or…let’s not consider that option.

Crossing the Ange bridge

Now picture doing this at night.

Crossing the Ange bridge at night

As you consider what that would be like, note that if you keep your dim lights on, the person directing you is blinded and can’t see the log, but you can see him. When you turn them off, even just leaving your parking lights on, he can see the log enough to guide you, but you can’t see his black hand directing you against the black night. Fun, eh? Clearly we made it.

Some more pics of driving on the back roads:

Straddling the ravine

Front axle high centered

Front tire way in the air

Normally you’re supposed to keep all 4 wheels on the ground at the same time. Once in this area I only had the 2 opposite wheels on the ground. We kept going and brought the others down and got through.

Praise God for His protection and a strong, powerful truck.

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2 Responses to “The Power of a Truck”

  1. Brenda Johnson says:

    Hi Pete,
    Looks like just another nice summer day out for a pleasure drive!!! Kind of hair-raising, I think. And we think we have bad roads sometimes.

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  2. Bruce Dennis says:

    This brings back memories — nothing has changed — except the truck! We used to have Fords in our time — and the Free Church had Chevys. I like to think the Covies had the advantage . . .

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