CEUMA President Installed

On Easter Sunday, we were in Bangui for the installation of Pastor Philemon Langanzi as President of the CEUMA (the French acronym for the Evangelical Community of the Ubangi in Mission in Africa). Mr. Eke Yangoukizi was also installed as Vice-President. We were blessed to attend this dignified service of installation.

Attendees of the CEUMA President Installation

The CEUM sent a delegation including the new President and VP, their wives, the administrative council members, Dave & Debbie Williams and us.

David preaching

Dave preached a powerful sermon on leadership. Based on Acts 20:17-28 he challenged the leaders saying:
– A good leader leads by example
– Be faithful in your preaching. Your every decision has an impact on people in the church and in your own life.
– Paul warns leaders who exploit the church for personal gain.

For the installation itself, the Congolese leaders laid hands on and prayed for President Langanzi. CEUM President Mboka exhorted President Langanzi and his wife, calling them to maintain a good marriage and saying that his wife was his first and most important counselor.

Praying for President Langanzi

The council members were invited to Bangui to allow them to better understand the issues facing the CEUMA as a mission outreach of the CEUM. We visited the struggling CEUMA health center and two sites of churches. Monday there was a joint meeting with the admin councils of both the CEUM and the CEUMA. This allowed discussion together of the issues facing the CEUMA. The CEUM returns to Congo with issues it has to wrestle with about how to support and oversee its mission outreach to Bangui.

Tuesday the CEUM council met in the morning and evening until 1h30AM. Yes, they gave the afternoon off because the President had some other work to accomplish before leaving Wednesday. That meant a short night before the long trek back to Gemena Wednesday.

Both we and the Williams were invited to participate in all the meetings. This was particularly meaningful as it was a clear invitation to us that the new CEUM leaders want our advice. While we do not have voting power, we had the opportunity to speak to the issues they were discussing. Dave was also invited to give the meditations on Monday and Tuesday, one more opportunity to speak to issues of leadership through the Scriptures.

For us, it was enjoyable to be in Bangui again. We enjoyed some treats: ice cream, good pastry, French fries, going out to eat several times, shopping, seeing missionary friends. As it was Easter, we were able to attend the sunrise service the missionaries held at the Ubangi river. Although very foggy it was special to be there.

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  1. Dave Wood says:

    They opened up fine this time.

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