Travel Mishaps

In Congo you may be delayed on your trip not because you get stuck, but because someone else has a problem. This is what we encountered when we went to Karawa a couple weeks ago. As you can see from one of the pictures, the cross pieces of the bridge were slowly breaking off. This truck did not pay close attention to the other side and OOPS.

Truck fallen into bridge

We spent 1 hr 15 min waiting for them to jack up the truck and get some boards under the wheel to get out.

Here’s a picture of women fording the stream with their loads.  It was about mid-thigh deep with not much current.

Fording the stream off to the left

And here you have a close-up of the process used for getting the truck un-stuck.  Looks like a real stable base for the jack and all the weight of the front of the truck, right?

Jacking up the truck to get it out

Here you see how some people got around the stuck truck while others waded through the stream. They are using the tailgate to cover the gap where the boards are broken.

Using tailgate to get bicycle around the truck

The week later this bridge was repaired and now it’s fine.

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  1. Safy Jacob says:

    It always amazes me that the people that have nothing, have a lot to offer with their helping hands.

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