Pounding corn into flour

A regular task of women and girls in Congo is pounding corn into flour which is used in “fuku”, the corn and manioc flour dish which is the stable of the diet. Fuku is eaten every day. Here are 2 videos of the girls at work last week behind President Sanguma’s house. The second video gives a closer look at one girl as she pounds. These girls had to do some work for the pastor and were sent over to help the President’s wife.

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2 Responses to “Pounding corn into flour”

  1. Rod Brown says:

    I will be moving to Gemena sometime next year and want to connect with anyone who is living there or has lived there recently.

    Thank you!

    Rod Brown

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  2. Pete & Cindy Ekstrand says:

    We will gladly welcome you to Gemena. Who will you be working for? Feel free to write us at: pete-cindy.ekstrand@covchurch.org.


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