CHE meeting in Bogose-Nubea

“What resources did the men carrying the paralytic have that they used to aid their friend?” we asked the Nguya regional admin council last Saturday. We had traveled an hour and 45 minutes, 44 kms, N of Gemena to Bogose-Nubea to meet with the council. Their responses: themselves, their faith that Jesus could heal their friend, their physical strength to carry him, their ingenuity and persistence to find a way to get their friend to Jesus.

Role Play: Helping Paralytic get to Jesus

Our reason for going was to introduce a few of the CHE (Community Health Evangelism) principles to the council and then ask them to select 6 people to participate in the training we plan to hold in February. During the hour and a half meeting we did a modified lesson about Jesus healing the paralytic man and told the story of the village on the mountain which has people fall off a steep path and break bones. Both of these stories introduce key CHE principles such as: local ownership, using local resources, the local community working together and taking initiative to help. Participation was good as they grasped the ideas. Next they will choose members for training.

Pray with us for this council and that of the Banga-Kungu and Bodokola regions as they choose people for training. Pray that the Lord will lead them to choose the right people. Pray for us as we prepare for the training in February.

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  1. Sharon Seeberger says:

    That’s great news!

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