What is a treat for you?  This afternoon we stopped at Le Chantilly, a bakery, ice cream parlor and restaurant on the way back after our walk through some of downtown Kinshasa.  We each ordered a “junior coupe” (2 scoops of ice cream) and had one cold coke.

A nice cold coke

Delicious!!   Yumm, did that ever taste good.  Yes, it did cost $13.00, but it was so good-well worth it. Honestly, I probably craved the coke more than Cindy did.  So be it.  I look forward to having several more before our return to the land of no refrigeration, at least for now.

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One Response to “A TREAT – COLD COKE!”

  1. Ruthie Dutton says:

    Hey Pete and Cindy,

    We can sure relate to the cold coke. Nothing quite like it when you’ve been without refrigeration for awhile. Thanks for the hard work you’re doing in Congo.

    I’ll be praying for some more enjoyable experiences while you in the big city.

    With our prayers of blessing.

    Ruthie Dutton

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