Visits and meetings in Sudan

Friday and Saturday were filled with visits and malakal-new-church-plant2meetings.  We visited the new houses being constructed for the church leaders.  It was encouraging to see them almost completed.  We also drove out to the outskirts of town to see where the main market will move later year.  The church has built 2 shops there and the women have built a building for a restaurant.    There is a newly shops-at-new-marketplanted Covenant church in this area that warmly welcomed us and washed our feet as is the custom.

We Praise the Lord for excellent interaction with the ECCS.  We shared the Word throughout our meetings which included discussions about the ongoing relationship between both Covenant World Mission and Covenant World Relief and the ECCS.  We clarified subjects that were unclear.  We also answered many questions.  Our sense is that through this we came to a much better understanding of each other.  Thank you Lord!

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