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We are thankful for our family, friends, and the way the Lord has blessed us through circumstances this past year. There is a myriad of reasons why it is a challenge to live this life but it seems to me …

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In South Africa!!!

We made it to South Africa with ALL our luggage, including Roy’s trunk full of plants. We will be in South Africa for three months, getting involved in the ministries at Genesis, the non-profit that Sam & Anna work with.  …

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In transit in Yaounde

It seems like no matter where we are, what place we might pass through, Roy loves to help out with gardening/farming/anything to do with plants.  He is happiest when he’s got dirt under his fingernails and leaf litter on his …

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Thoughtful friends

How about this: the Lord has gifted us with colleagues, Kim & Jan, who are kindred spirits AND co-grandparents (read: our son married their daughter) AND a couple of people who think about other people and do something about it!   …

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1 step forward too many steps back to count

Please pray!  Due to a few events this past week, we no longer have Fulani patients in our hospital.  There have been verbal threats, general harassment, and physical attacks.  We had just begun to see a consistent number of Muslixm …

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Just before we left Gamboula, the egrets came swooping in.  I haven’t actually paid attention to see if it’s an actual migration routine, or if it’s just random, but we periodically get to see flocks of egrets in our …

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Al & Josef’s visit

Over the weekend we had the privilege of hosting Al Tizon, Director of the Covenant’s Serve Globally, and Josef Rasheed, Regional Coordinator for Covenant’s mission work in Africa.  It was a very special time, getting to know these two men …

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Random explosive beauty

No need for words, other than God’s creative gifts to us are amazing!


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Unexpected suppertime guest

We were having supper with our buddies, Jan & Kim, enjoying the breeze from the wide open window by the table, when suddenly a rhinocerous beetle whizzed in and perched on Roy’s shirt, acting like a beautiful boutonniere!  Crazy wonderful …

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Just being with friends

Oh how sweet it is, to just sit and enjoy the company of friends.  No agenda, no specific tasks, just sitting and chatting and sharing our lives.  With these friends, we have a great camaraderie; there’s always something to giggle …

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