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By CKC Project Manager Cat Knarr

See the transformation that’s happening in your sponsored child’s community – and share these videos with your church, so others can see, too! All six of these new videos can be downloaded from Vimeo and shared by your church.

Clean Water for Congo: Hear one family’s story about experiencing the blessing of clean water. “Beforehand we had of lot of pain getting water, and now we have good water,” Bernadette says. “It’s beautiful.” Download from Vimeo.


Women’s Savings Groups: Women’s savings groups are multiplying! Through these church-based groups, women learn how to save, borrow, and invest their funds to build a brighter future for themselves and their families. Download from Vimeo.


Women’s Agricultural Groups: In an area where malnutrition is very common, mothers are learning to grow and prepare the most nutritious food for their kids. They’re undergoing training through women’s agricultural groups supported by CKC. Download from Vimeo.


Bright Hopes for the Children of Congo: “What is your hope for your life?” Covenant Kids Congo sponsored children share their bright hopes for the future. Download from Vimeo.


What I’ve Seen in Congo: What happens when you sponsor a child through CKC? Thanks to your faithfulness and the hard work of our partners in DR Congo, a whole city is journeying toward transformation. This is Pastor Greg Krieger’s story about what he experienced on a recent trip to DR Congo with CKC. Download from Vimeo.


The Impact of Sponsorship: “I’m 10, and I’m a kid living in Congo.” Deborah, a Covenant Kids Congo sponsored child, tells her story. Download from Vimeo.

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