Mama Beatrice’s Story: Working Hard to Feed Her Family

By CKC Project Manager Cat Knarr

In Mama Beatrice’s garden, she’s growing spinach and other greens. She learned how to farm these vegetables through a women’s agricultural group supported by Covenant Kids Congo. Her garden produces enough to feed her eight children, while also earning their family an income.

“I’m very grateful for what I’ve learned,” Mama Beatrice said. “I’ll continue to work hard to put it into practice, to have the perseverance to push forward and provide for my family.”

Mama Beatrice shared that she had lost three children to malnutrition before she joined the women’s agricultural group. Malnutrition is very common in this remote area of DR Congo. It’s often a complicating factor when a child dies at a young age; children who are malnourished struggle to fight off disease and illness.

But since she’s learned how to grow nutritious foods, Mama Beatrice has seen a difference in her children’s health.

“All my children are healthy now,” Mama Beatrice said. “This past year, we’ve been growing vegetables and feeding them vegetables. They are eating well, their health has improved, and I’m very grateful.”

Four of Mama Beatrice’s children are sponsored through Covenant Kids Congo. She said that one of her sons was very happy to receive a letter from his sponsor, and he’s anxiously waiting to hear from his friend in the United States again.

Mama Beatrice gives thanks for the women’s agricultural group and for Mama Paola, the director who leads agricultural trainings.

“I ask God to continue to bless Mama Paola, World Vision, and the Covenant,” Mama Beatrice said. “I ask you to continue to support this project, for what we are learning is changing our lives. Let’s not give up. Let’s grab our shovel and machete. Let’s keep working hard so our children don’t die of hunger.”

See what mothers are learning through women’s agricultural groups supported by CKC! Watch the video below.

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