My Visit to Congo: Dean’s Experience

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Dean Honnette is the senior pastor of Hope Center Covenant Church in Pleasant Hill, California. He recently traveled to DR Congo on a CKC Pastoral Vision Trip. These are his reflections on the experience.

Dean meets Saverine, his sponsored child.

When I was a child, my father worked for the Evangelical Covenant Church denomination. One of his assignments was to produce films about the Covenant’s mission work. When I was 8 years old, he went to DR Congo for that purpose and came home to splice together “The Call of the Ubangi.” I was fascinated with both the movie and his stories. So I was thrilled when 57 years later, I had a chance to go and see the work of Covenant Kids Congo powered by World Vision.

It was so encouraging to see the spiritual health of the Covenant Church in Congo. Churches were full of worshippers of all ages, singing gloriously in praise to our Lord Jesus.

It was great to see how effective Covenant Kids Congo powered by World Vision has been in involving the community in every level of development. The people of Gemena have owned each and every program. I sensed a real enthusiasm and joy at having clean water available at the neighborhood kiosks.

In fact, the first thing the father of the child my wife and I sponsor said when I met him was, “Thank you. Now my whole family has clean water.” Obviously, there is a lot more work to do before all the residents of Gemena have clean water, but a great start has been made.

Enthusiasm is very important to me. It can be a wonderful sign of God’s working. So, of course, I was so pleased that whenever we were introduced to a development project, like nutrition classes, savings groups, reading clubs, etc., my enthusiasm meter would spike. The testimonies of how that program was improving life for them and their families touched me deeply.

I am thoroughly convinced that Covenant Kids Congo powered by World Vision is doing and will be doing things that my father couldn’t have imagined when he visited Congo 57 years ago!

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